Cake Walks

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Two Steps and Rags


Women Composers

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Music for all selections on Cake Walks CD with B & W prints of covers, and biographical information

  1. Boardin' House Johnson, Cake Walk Sadie Koninsky (1899)
  2. Phoebe Thompson's Cake Walk Sadie Koninsky (1899)
  3. Ragamuffin, Rag Two Step Verdi Karns (1899)
  4. Topsy Turvy, Two Step Louise V. Gustin (1899)
  5. An Old Virginia Cake Walk Louise V. Gustin (1899)
  6. Dance of the Collywobbles Cake Walk and Two Step Anita Owen (1899)
  7. The Black Diamond March And Two Step Grace Marie Bolen (1899)
  8. Black Cinderella Cake Walk Florence Wood (1900)
  9. Honey Bee, March Two Step Mamie Williams (1902)
  10. Checkers, March And Two Step N.M. (Nellie) Stokes (1903)
  11. Pike Pikers, A Rag Ida G. Bierman (1904)
  12. Razzle Dazzle, Two Step Alma Smith and Lilburn Kingsbury (1905)
  13. Keep A Shufflin', Ragtime Dance Pauline B. Story (1905)
  14. Burning Rags, Two Step Bess Rudisill (1904)
  15. The Gravel Rag Charlotte Blake (1908)
  16. Frizzles, Two Step Kate Myers Stith (1907)
  17. Mop Rag Helen S. Eaton (1909)
  18. Holly And Mistletoe, Rag Miss Geraldine Dobyns (1909)
  19. Tattered Melody Rag, March Characteristic Hilda Ossusky (1910)
  20. Copper King Rag Marguerite Ray (1912)
  21. That Irresistible Rag Fay Parker (1914)
  22. Bale O'Cotton Rag Mark Janza (1914)
  23. Some Pepp, Fox Trot Alma M. Sanders (1915)
  24. Honky Dory, Novelty Piano Solo Edith Althoff (1922)

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